In the Shadow of a Kotor Chapel

Version 2

Kotor, Montenegro, 2015, Conte


Flash Art


I love flash mob. Something about seemingly-spontaneous dancing in public can bring me to tears. As if there is always the possibility of something surprising bursting into the mundane.

A few years ago I was in Charlotte airport, USA, and was delighted to hear a pianist playing a grand piano in one of the waiting areas. Since I had time to kill between flights, I found a perch in an upper level where I had a bird’s-eye-view of the pianist. He played, I drew.

After two sketches and several beautiful songs, I headed to my next flight, and dropped the sketches into his tip jar on the piano. He smiled and nodded at me as he continued to play. I like the idea of art exchange – he gave me an unexpected concert, and I gave him some sketches. Art created together, simultaneously, unconsciously affecting each other. It’s the type of thing I should do more often. It’s the type of thing I hope others will be inspired to do.¬†What a world to live in, when art bursts out in unexpected places, surprising even we who make it.